Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday 03 June 2008: Check out Sarah's fatass guinea pig whose babies are due any day now! And Sarah has had enough!!!!!!

Sarah says:
I'm feeling annoyed and frustrated today. Stressed-out by planning. I'm over-sensitive. It started last night after a great birthday in terms of all the people who called and sent messages and lunch with Heidi - but a boring sort of sad-feeling birthday on the homefront. It just didn't feel very birthday like at home to tell you the truth. That's nobody's fault. Don't get me wrong. But it left me feeling a bit cold. I guess no mater what you want a little special attention on your birthday from those closest to you and if it doesn't really happen, well, you feel a little strange. I'll get over it. I'm not a teenager anymore. But it's still my party - or total-non-party in this case, and I'll cry if I want to - or atleast complain a little...
And I'm just in a crappy mood today. Short-tempered. My kid annoyed me a lot tonight. I had no patience for her at all. The nice thing is that we bought our tickets for Florida next March for a nice family reunion during which my 90 year old great aunt will probably parachute out of a plane for the 2nd time. The first time was on her 80th birthday I think. On her 85th birthday she went race-car driving. She's a super-duper woman! I can't wait to see her and to spend time with the rest of that family, including my mom and some of my brothers and my aunt and uncle and cousins. It all sounds divine! So for that, I am happy and thankful and will try to get over my bad mood.

See that fat ball up there? That's my pregnant guinea pig who is ready to burst! She's due any day now! I'll keep you posted! I think there are at least 4 little ones in there. The male pig still won't leave her alone even though he has since been castrated and she's so pregnant she can hardly move, let alone put out for him!
And above and below are my Post Secret picks of the week - both related to the future of this world we live in. I do hope the younger generations are ready to change the world and all of our bad habits slowly but surely in a good direction. And I kind of agree with the sentiment below about energy costs. It's not like I enjoy paying more but on the other hand, why should it all come for free? Something has to check our excessive consumerism and wastefulness. If we have to pay more to be gluttonous, then that's the way it goes. Something's gotta give....

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