Friday, June 04, 2010

Thursday and Friday 03 and 04 June 2010: Check it out folks! Heidi is on Face The Day yet again!!! Is she back a bit or is this a tease?

Sarah says:
That's me and Heidi above today - Friday the 4th, which is my brother Sam's birthday. Happy Birthday Sam! It's a really sunny day over here in Belgium. I am off to The Netherlands tonight to see a friend. I return home tomorrow night and Sunday we go to an award ceremony where Ayla will get a prize for being a super 5th grader! We'll celebrate after that with lunch! I wish my back felt better. There's a lot to do and to celebrate these days and I don't feel 100% up to doing anything. It's annoying and I am always afraid I'll end up back in the hospital soon. I have to be so careful!
That's me above yesterday the 3rd of June - my father-in-law's birthday! Happy Birthday Frans! It was also a sunny day and guess what - I wore the same dress! How very Belgian of me to do!

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