Friday, June 01, 2007

Friday 01 June 2007: Hoodie-Heidi and Sweatshirt-Sarah look back a year on this FIRST OF THE MONTH PHOTO FLASHBACK DAY!


Heidi says: I finally went to the doctor this morning before work and he prescribed me a lot of medication. I have had this cold for two weeks now, and it was time to have it checked. My head is feeling weird, the whole right side is hurting, especially my teeth and cheeks. My nose is still stuffed. I hope I get better now. I will I will. I am not a wuss.

Sarah says:
So it’s the first of the month, which means it’s FLASHBACK PHOTO DAY! Above you can see a photo of Heidi and me today. Below that you can see us exactly one year ago today! Via this link you can see what we were up to a year ago today! So much has changed! Heidi has a baby! I have a pain-free back and life! Last year on this day it was one day before my 35th birthday. Today it’s one day before my 36th birthday! I wonder what we’ll be up to a year from today!? Time will tell…

As for weekend plans, well – a lot of eating for me. Too much I’m sure. Tonight I’ll be having dinner out. Tomorrow I’ll be having dinner out for my birthday. And Sunday it’s family birthday celebration day at my mother-in-law’s so more eating! All day! For my birthday, I’ll have a quite day with my family – cleaning up my house in time for my brother and his wife’s visit next week. My husband, daughter and I will also go to the local bowling alley where they have one air-hockey table! I LOVE AIR HOCKEY!!! I used to play it a lot with my good friend MS back in Elmsford when we were teenagers. It’s an aggressive game. You slam a disc into your opponents slot. It goes fast and back and forth and back and forth. So tomorrow, for my birthday, we’ll play a few games of that. I can’t wait! Now I can do that since I have no back pain anymore! And at night, my husband, Heidi, Nico and I will go have Indian food in Brugge. It’ll be a nice day I’m sure. It’s amazing how much it has rained in Belgium today! Incredible really! The weather is nuts today! Dark. The rain is slamming down like a flood!!!!! If you go outside, you are going to be soaked. There is no way around that! Hopefully there will be at least a little sun tomorrow!


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Anonymous said...

I know I am a day early, but actually not, for it is now 2AM in Belgium, about 12 hours short of the hour at which you were born, Sarah. So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my darling daughter whom I love and who is the best daughter any mother could have.

Hope your cold is better, Heidi! Give my daughter a big birthday hug from me.

Miss the two of you.