Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday and Wednesday the 18th and 19th of May 2010: Heidi is back on Face The Day - at least for this one spectacular moment!!!

Sarah says:

Without Heidi here on Face The Day everyday, I'm getting bored of this blog because it was never supposed to just be about me and my dumb head! So you can imagine how excited I am that I got to take the above photo of me and Heidi today and post it on here. It has really been way too long! So long - that I have been thinking about stopping Face The Day or at least changing it or limiting it to a once a month photo posting - such as flashback first of the month or something. Anyway - seeing Heidi today and actually having my camera with me (I have been forgetting it lately believe it or not after all these years!!) - has inspired me again. Maybe there is some life left in FTD. Time will tell.

More importantly - Heidi and I were pretty happy with the above photo actually because it has the feel of 4 years ago when we still had it in us to take creative photos. I guess as the years went on here on Face The Day - we couldn't always come up with new photo positions or looks. In the above photo, we look like rock stars! :-)

Yeah yeah! I know. Same shirt on as in above photo and it's from a different day - the 18th of May! This is Belgium you know! It is okay to wear the same clothes all week if you want to! Nobody really cares! So if I have that same shirt on tomorrow too - oh well! Less wash to do!

And the above photo also makes me happy because as I don't see Heidi everyday anymore, I don't get to see her kids a lot and I haven't seen Matto for a while it seems. So here he is, the adorable Matto as a guest rock star on Face The Day! He looks like Heidi, don't you think?

In other news, I am happy to say that an article I wrote was published in the weekly newspaper here in Flanders called Flanders Today. I have written some articles over the last few years for work but this is the first one that I have had published. It feels great to be back in the world of journalism a bit - by writing again and by teaching journalism students. I feel lucky! There has always been a journalist in me and I basically gave up all of it when I moved to Belgium. My career dreams as a journalist died here and I went on to other jobs. It's nice to go back to my roots and passion. Via this link, you can get to my article.

By the way, today would have been Peter De Wilde's 38th birthday. I can't help but think of him today and each year at this time - and also each November - the month he died after a rough battle with horrid cancer. I'm glad I have some videos, such as this one, and music such as this, to keep him close in my memory. I loved singing with him. I miss him everyday still. I'm thinking of his family today too and lately. Life has gone on for them thankfully, but it's not always easy.