Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 May 2010: Sarah has a nice day in Brugge shopping and a lazy day at home with the kid!

Sarah says:
That's me above with The Lool in the distance on her Nintendo game of course. She's just loving that little ultra-high-tech gadget. It's even a mobile devise that works with wifi and can send mobile messages. She just uses it for games - crazy high-tech ones. She's going to soon know a lot more about technology than I do. She's a "screenager" for sure. She's sleeping with me this week while Tom is on vacation in Bulgaria and I woke up this morning to her little face glowing in the light of her Nintendo screen in the dark room. Today's kids are oddballs.

The above pretty photo of wisteria and gable roofing is from my visit to Brugge yesterday, where I went shopping with a friend and kids. It was a lovely day. I forgot to take a photo of myself so you get the only photo I took Saturday instead - and it's a lot nicer to look at than my face is! Maybe I should change Facebook to be about a photo a day - sometimes of me - but more often of other people and things. I'm going to think about that. I am a little sick of my face on here without Heidi. It's just not the same since she's gone! It's time for a Face The Day makeover! That brings me to my above Post Secret pick of the week. Ever since all those makeover shows have become so popular, it's hard not to imagine Trinny and Susanna around the corner pointing out what needs changing on each passer-by! It's actually fun to imagine how you can improve a person but it's also pretty rude. We live in an oddball world thanks to reality TV and all. No wonder kids are oddballs these days.

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