Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sunday - Wednesday 25 - 28 April 2010: Sarah sees the sun, the Editors, some friends and nothing...

Sarah says:
Not a lot of time to keep up on here anymore and as you can see, Heidi is hardly here anymore either on Face The Day! I think Facebook replaces everything online! Makes the need / want for a blog less as you reach all your friends or most of them that way... But that's not really what Face the Day is about. It's about tracking the days and the months and the years with photos - and I still like the idea. I love being able to look back! I just wish it weren't always my face. I miss Heidi's head on here too!!! Anyway - the above photo is from today - Wednesday the 28th. The sun has been shining all day - even from the early morning. And it feels great!
Picture above and one below are both from yesterday -Tuesday the 27th of May. We went to see Editors in concert at La Gran Mix. I love his voice and their songs but the gig was a bit flat for some reason - no extra wow or charisma. It was too bad. They were on my list as a must see - they aren't any more. A must listen - yes - always... The nice - well bittersweet - thing about seeing them was that I had Peter De Wilde on my mind all day and night and during so many of the songs at the gig. Their second album is my Peter album. Every single song reminds me of him. I listened to that CD over and over again throughout his sickness, when he died and after he died. Every time I hear Editors anywhere, Peter pops in my head and I like that. When I'm driving and they come on the radio I feel like Peter is talking to me. I love music for that. I love that it can keep a person alive in your head even though it can also bring tears to your eyes...
The above photo is The Lool blinding me! She's right! My dumb face shouldn't be on here all the time! The above photo is from the 27th of April and the below one is from Monday the 26th of April - I know, I know - I'm wearing the same thing in both photos. Don't forget, this is Belgium - perfectly normal to wear the same clothes for the whole freaking week if you want! You sweat less here because it's rarely really hot and it means doing fewer load of laundry! It's easier this way! I think 3 days is about my maximum!
The below photo is from Sunday the 25th of April. I had a nice dinner at Same Same in Kortrijk with my expat friends Rosemary and Kate. It's always nice to get together with the girls!

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