Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sat 30 January 2010: Sarah's flash diet is almost coming to an end as it takes too much work - but it sure works! The photoless diet will continue!

Sarah says:
It's Saturday - a slow and lazy one and I feel pretty good! Excited to start life again on Monday! To get out of the house! My back feels okay. Not fantastic. I need to be careful. But I am okay!
Above you can see what I ate today (in my attempt to lose weight - I'm posting photos of what I eat everyday for a week).
In the above photo you can see:
Breakfast at 11 am: (it's Saturday after all!): 3 egg whites with a spoonful of cottage cheese scrambled together with about a cup of frozen spinach and about 6 large mushrooms and some soy sauce and spices plus 2 cups of instant coffee with a bit of soy milk.
Snack at 2pm: two glasses of a homemade smoothie made of frozen mango chunks, soy milk and a spoonful of honey
Snack/lunch at 4:00pm: 2 bowls of homemade carrot, chickpea, coriander, onion soup with chicken stock and a piece of toast with nothing on it + another cup of coffee with soy milk
Snack at 7:00pm: half a large red pepper cut into slices
Dinner at 8:30pm: (way too late to be eating but had no choice!!) Cup of carrot soup from lunch and spiced chicken with homemade hutsepot made of carrots, potatoes, celery, sprouts and cabbage
Drinks all day: Full Brinta = 3 liters! of water which I drank all day long
Exercise: not much due to my back - next week I hope to start moving again!
That's all!

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