Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday 29 January 2010: another week has passed... And Sarah is almost done with her fun-food-photo week and sick-leave!!!!!

Heidi says: and no baby yet. Well, he has time! He has three more weeks. I long to see him! But I want him to stay with me a bit longer...

Sarah says:
It's my last weekend of house ar-rest! Bed Rest! Done! I feel good. A bit scared and with a slight ache - but good and ready. I hope, hope, hope my back holds up for a while and through by upcoming travels! I don't think I could take it if the pain would come back and I'd have to go back to the hospital again soon. In 6 months okay - if necessary - but please, please, please - let me have at least about 6 pain free months! I will do everything I can to make that happen! Lose weight! Exercise when I feel ready to again - soon I hope! Travel light and not crazily all over the place with too much running around. Resting more. Sitting for long periods of time less! All those things and more! Anything to have a stronger, less painful back situation!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Above you can see what I ate today (in my attempt to lose weight - I'm posting photos of what I eat everyday for a week).
In the above photo you can see:
Breakfast at 8:30 am: a little bit of All Bran Plus mixed with half a banana (ran out of blueberries), lots of flax seeds, a small bunch of peeled, sliced almonds and light soy milk plus instant coffee with a bit of soy milk.
Lunch at 12pm: bowl of fresh-made veggie soup (made yesterday of chicken stock, celery, carrots and leek with baby spinach added raw at end to wither), yesterday's chicken, mango, pineapple, red pepper, onion, chili Thai flavored meal with some leftover basmati rice + coffee with soy milk
Snack at 2:00pm: 2nd cup of coffee with soy milk + blood orange
Another snack at 4:30pm: a bowl of broccoli with dash of soy sauce
Dinner at 6pm: Two pieces of brown toast - with half a piece each of light Gouda cheese with spices + another small bowl of fresh-made veggie soup from lunch + one blueberry 0 fat/sugar yogurt
Drinks all day: Full Brinta = 3 liters! of water which I drank all day long
Exercise: not much due to my back - next week I hope to start moving again!
That's all!

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