Sunday, November 08, 2009

Sunday 08 November 2009: Sarah has a weekend full of cooking, music with a bit of exercise thrown in!

Heidi says: An easy and quiet day, with a walk in de Gavers. That is exactly what I needed after a hard weekend. It was busy and I didn't feel well (especially in the head). Back to positive feelings. Sarah says:
Easy weekend full of music at Westtalent and cooking at home as well as a little exercise today... Calm, relaxing, nothing bad other than a weird toe of mine that is hammering up big time! It hurts! My oh my does it hurt... Not sure what needs to be done... Anyway - a new weeks starts soon and I will be seeing Morrissey twice next week so that as to be a good thing! I think I'll also be seeing Heidi twice, which is also a good thing! It's time for her photo on here again and more importantly - I miss her!

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