Monday, November 09, 2009

Monday 9 November 2009: Heidi's positive feelings are coming... slowly and Sarah can only show you her good-bad side as opposed to her bad-bad side...

Heidi says: At least one thing to be happy about today: I just received an Amazon package with five CD's in it! 'Sometimes I wish we were an eagle' by Bill Callahan, 'Veckatimest' by Grizzly Bear, 'Bone of my bones' by Ebony Bones, 'Sunny side up' by Paolo Nuttini and 'Music for men' by Gossip. Nice nice nice! At noon I am meeting with Sarah at the soup place. I don't know if my stomach will be happy with soup, but we'll figure that out soon enough. I am starting to have that typical annoying stomach ache that pregnant women have. It's disgusting. It makes me vomit when I am not standing straight up or when I am coughing. Brr. I am also really having this bad cold for more than two weeks now. It just won't go away. I hope I don't get the Mexican flue before Thursday. Thursday is when I get my vaccination! Three more days to go... Three more days to fight those ugly filthy beasts! Tomorrow I go to the gynaecologist again. Excited to see what our boy has been up to.

Sarah says: Saw Heidi today and brought my camera knowing I would but forgot to bring it to lunch! A pity! But as you can see, she already wrote something above so we can expect a photo of her soon too.. As for me, I'm only showing you the right side of my face because the wrong side - otherwise known as the left side has an alien living on it that just won't go away! I think it has a brain and everything... Anyway - my face is all wrong these days - a mess! It's the heat and the cold and the biking and the grease and the dryness. I need a new face I think.... As for the body - still busy with the diet but it is now going very slow! I did try on a bunch of too-small clothes tucked away in the back of my closet and I am happy to see I have gone down a size. But that has happened before so I won't get too excited! I need to work this forever - otherwise I'll just yo-yo around forever and I am sick of that! Sunday, thanks to my friend Carmen, I learned how to do exercises on a ball that supports my back and thanks to Aimee I now have such a ball so from now on I am going to try to have a ball with my ball! This week my cross-trainer should be set up too as it's been tucked away in the garage while our windows have been being replaced... So the future looks bright for my body but what about my face?! I think I should start charging this alien rent!

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