Monday, August 24, 2009

Friday, Saturday and Sunday August 21, 22 and 23 2009: Sarah has a great weekend at home and in Kortrijk with friends...

That's me above on Sunday the 23rd of August! Just had brunch at my house with Steven, Tilly, Hilde and kids. It was really good! I ate too much though for someone on a diet! It's a self-made diet though, which means some cheating will happen for sure because I don't even know the rules of the diet! All I know is that it will be better for my back if I weigh less - and better for my general health as I get older so now is the time and as I have got this time at home it has been kind of easy to control what I eat and to eat a lot less. It's weekends that mess it all up though and it's the going out into the real world where there is stuff to eat everywhere - ahhh! But I am doing okay with it other than the brunch. I just hope I can keep it up! Right now the fruit is fresh and the sun is shining and it is really easy to eat just a little here and there of all this fresh and very good for you food. But what happens when the rain, dark and winter sets in???? We'll see!
Above you can see me and Tilly on Saturday the 22nd hanging out at a flea market in Kortrijk. This time my back hurt a lot less, which is a great sign - and I sold stuff and got more than Euro 50! Last time it was about Euro 36. It's great to get rid of old stuff this way. We give a lot of stuff away too but for now we are holding on to some of the stuff to try to sell it. We keep the money in a go-out-to-dinner-or-the-movies fund. That makes the whole flea-market thing more fun! The weather was great and the atmosphere too and it's nice to just sit there with the kids and with friends. We have one more to go in Wervik on the 20th of September. That's Tilly's hat in the photo, by the way. Not mine.

I took the above photo of me and Laurent Lampaert at Tilly's birthday celebration Friday night. I put this photo on here just in case Ine is still checking this blog from time to time. HI INE!!! Anyway - Laurent is my friend Ine's brother-in-law and he's also a friend of Tilly's (see above photo of her and me an flea market). She turned 36 Friday the 21st and Laurent was there too. I had heard about him and even wrote about him once on here after Ine's baby was born because he made a fantastic birth card (like a lottery ticket where you scratch something off and under you find the name of the baby - via this link and scrolling down to birthcard you can see it). Here's a link to his website (Nookyalur) if you are interested in his design and website work.

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