Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday 21 August 2009: Happy Birthday Tilly! And Sarah welcomes Ayla to Face The Day as they have spent two nice days together!

That's me and the kid today keeping each other company and happy! It's kind of nice to have all this down-time with her. We can be lazy and not feel guilty as rest for my back is necessary. We also have a walk together a day and today did the grocery shopping with the help of my bike - hanging all the bags on the bike and wheeling it home as I can't ride a bike yet thanks to my back. But we are getting the stuff we need to get done, done - just at our own lazy pace. This kid of mine is a real joy to have around. I am enjoying every second of her. She'll start the 5th grade in one week and she's growing so fast! I am treasuring these times together as this year will also go quickly no doubt and then next year and then she'll already be in the next level of school and a whole new school and almost a teenager! I wish she could stay 10 forever! :-)


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