Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Sarah says:
Happy Birthday Noah! Have a great day! Ayla color-coordinated the message you see above with her outfit because she's cool like that!
There above you can see me and Ayla yesterday on our bikes on the way home from her school. I am starting to feel okay about the idea of not having a car for the summer. I am really enjoying this bike thing other than for the fact that my back hurts a bit everyday from it I think - just where it used to hurt. But I have the feeling it's really okay and I am taking it slowly just in case. If I can build up slowly and then start with some light belly crunches and stuff to get strong I should be okay...

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Anonymous said...

Ayla, I don't know if you look here, but thank you so much for your photo-message and your phone-message. You're the bestest niece in the whole wide world! No wait, in the entire universe! No wait, in whatever is even bigger than the universe! And then in whatever is bigger than whatever is bigger than the universe! You're just plain the best. Thanks, Ayla! Love, Uncle N$M