Friday, June 26, 2009

Thursday 25 and Friday 26 June 2009: New dresses, old Christma trees and too much tan... These are the days of Sarah....

Sarah says:
That's my new top/dress in the photo above. I bought it yesterday. Just couldn't resist! It's comfy and has a nice shape! I can wait till the sales! I want summer stuff! I am in a shopping mood, that's for sure! Dangerous!
There above you can see Tomske and me surrounded by silver and gold Christmas trees! Don't even ask why! Let's just say as it was just the 1st day of summer and the days are getting shorter and shorter as of now, well we are getting ready for Christmas! We also bought several large wine racks today along with 4 big storage boxes and 3 big garbage cans. What are we up to?

The photo above is from yesterday the 25th of June. Can you say too much tan? I had mammogram yesterday morning. All clear! It wasn't pleasant. That's for sure. They used a new and improved machine - better than the one they had 2 years ago - but it was not easy to twist my shoulder the way they needed me to and we had to re-do one side a few times. But all is okay so I am glad about that!

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