Saturday, November 03, 2007

Saturday 03 November 2007: Sarah gets a great Nick Cave book from Marv and has a quiet day out and about AND HEIDI USES HAIRSPRAY!!!!!

Heidi says:
I have a lot of special guests for you today! Let's get it on with!

Heidi: above you see Yma! Ain't she sweet? No hairspray there... All natural!

Heidi: Yes yes, if that ain't Debby Harry aka Velma! The bitch!

Heidi: that sweet sugarpie...

Heidi: I love you Tracy!!!!! (Tracy reminds me of Beth Ditto! Same asskicking dance moves!! Same elegance and style!)

Heidi says: dancing in front of my telly just like in the Corny Collins show... FUN FUN FUN!!!!

Sarah says:
I don't know what the above photo focuses on more, the new Nick Cave lyric book that Marv surprised me with today after his visit to the book fair or that huge zit next to my eyebrow?! What's up with that man! What a whopper of one. My chin is getting pretty raw again too. I never said more about my second hair removal session. Suffice it to say, I am so satisfied so far that I might start with my bikini area next time as you pay one base price and then for the extra zaps. If next year I decide to start with my bikini area rather than now as I get rid of the hair on my face, then I'd have to start all over with the base price, so... This is how you become addicted to this kind of thing. It's so easy to just throw another area in. I was even thinking about my moustache area but I am so hesitant because mostly you notice the whitening of that area on woman who wax or get permanent removal and the absence becomes the presence if you know what I mean. And I'm not really ashamed of my moustache area because it just seems normal. You see hair there on most women. Granted I have pretty dark hair ad all but it doesn't make me feel like a freak show. With that said, my bikini area doesn't make me feel bad either. I mean I was born with thick, dark hair so that's me. Getting rid of the hair there would just be for convenience sake and ingrown hair problems (another lovely thing about having my sort of hair...) Oh whatever, this is so unimportant.

Here's the Nick Cave lyrics from my new book that struck me most tonight as I read it after a quiet day of quiet thoughts and reflections...

Nick Cave - Bless His Ever Loving Heart Lyrics

Bless his ever loving heart
Only he knows who you are
He may seem so very far
Bless his ever loving heart

And when your feeling sad
And everywhere you look you can't believe the things you see
When it all comes down so bad
And beauty lies exhausted in the streets

Hold his ever loving hand
Even when you do not understand
Sorrow has it's natural end
Hold his ever loving hand

And when your feeling low
And everyone you meet you can't believe the things they say
When there's no place left to go
Where someone isn't moving you a little further down the way

Bless his ever loving heart
What you do is what you are
When it all comes down so hard
Bless his ever loving heart
Hold his ever loving hand
When it seems you ain't got a friend

Only he knows who you are and what you are
Bless his ever loving heart

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