Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday 25 October 2007: Heidi and Sarah are mad hatters today and still love everything Borat and address ASG's FTD complaints! And funny videos!

Sarah says:
You see my face enough! I have that mid-season tired, getting pale, in-between hair-cuts, in-between hair-removals look. There's really no need for you to See my face. I will find as many ways to hide it and morph it until I feel a little more alive-looking -- at least today anyway! By the way, our faithful Face The Day viewer, ASG, has put in a few Face The Day complaints believe it or not! She says that I wear the same thing everyday and must therefore smell and that Heidi and I do not respond to people's comments enough and therefore should not expect comments from people - unless we interact with them and show them the love.

So about my wearing the same clothes - well, these days, it's basically just Heidi who sees me every day along with an assortment of people who need to impress me, not whom I need to impress... And as much as I love Heidi, I don't want to sleep with her so I don't really care if she finds me attractive on a given day, though it's always fun to feed each other ego-boosts! Anyway, why should I change my clothes everyday therefore?! I'm not dirty. I don't stink. I'm a terribly clean person. My clothes stay clean from day to day other than when I sweat too much at certain times of the month and when I spill stuff or run around too much or hang out in smoky bars. So why, ASG, should I change everyday? It just seems like a big waste! I mean, man, in these dark wintry days, I am not awake when I wake up. The last thing I want to be doing is choosing clothes all morning. It's easier to grab the clean clothes from the day before and just put them on again with fresh underwear and socks and some deodorant and body cream and all that. I save energy that way - my own and from the washing machine and dryer! Don't get me wrong dear ASG -- when I want to look my best or have meetings, I put effort into getting dressed. When I stink, I change clothes. I have plenty of pride in myself! But why bother otherwise except like every other day or two! In that way, I must admit I have become a lot more Belgian. I wash my hair less than before. I use soap a lot less. I change my clothes less. Something I learned from Heidi and admire in her is that make-up should really be used sparingly unless you are going out or doing something or seeing someone special. Heidi goes about so many of her days with no make-up at all! So when she does get dressed up, you really see the difference. I'm not there in terms of make up - I mean I just wear the same stuff each day basically because it is what suits me and it makes me look awake mostly. I wish I had the nerve to not wear make up. I hate being a slave to it. But if I don't wear it, I feel and look way too tired and people tell me I look sick every time without fail!

As for our not responding to people's comments. You have a point there ASG. We will try to do better because we LOVE YOUR COMMENTS ASG - we want more and more comments from everyone!!!

And now for something so funny! Heidi and I still love Borat. We repeat his jokes all day long. This You Tube video for Borat's Chair joke is fantastically funny!

While we are sharing You Tube videos, check out this one!!!!!! It's so great. It's from BBC Comic Relief 2007 Red Nose Day with Ricky Gervais. God he is clever and so are all the guys in this video!


Anonymous said...

Do you wear your pants "every five times"?

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Hello there MS!!!! What a memory! Man, I can't even remember why we used to say that! We must have been high in the sky! So the answer is, yes, I wear my pants every five times! By the way, if you press enter a few times before leaving the first comment, your comment shows up better! Thanks for leaving a comment! As ASG insists, we will try to answer as many comments as we can! Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for airing my complaints. I hope your clothes receive the same courtesy... for everyone's sake.

Guess what? We're still in the nether-lands. We had a hellish experience last night. We boarded a train from Leiden and got about 10 mins away from Schipol when there was a horrendous sound and the train stopped. We stayed there for THREE FUCKING HOURS while they told us next to nothing. Finally they brought another train and we had to jump the five feet to the ground and climb up a ladder onto the other train in the middle of mess of tracks and darkness. But we had of course missed our flight. And it was going to cost way too much to get another at such short notice and we couldn't do it before today mid day so our quick weekend would be even quicker. In the end we decided to cut our loses and not incur any more cost. So no Edinburgh for us!

About the clothing - I totally get the lazy aspect of it. It would be simpler for sure. And I only wash my clothes when they either stink, have something spilled on them, or are so stretched out they look funny. I just think what you wear each day reflects your mood and energy et al. "do we look more vivid in pink" hoo ray for the belgians and their practical dress sense but how boring is that? You walk into the Brussels metro at rush hour and you couldn't guess which decade it is because everything is a sea of sameness bland black and brown timeless banal mediocrity. Compare that to walking into the London tube and you will find every style, colour, and inspiration imaginable and be able to spot first hand what fashion trends will be hitting Europe in the next six months.

That's it. Oh and REPLY TO THIS COMMENT svp. :-)

ASG - aka the royal pain in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Damn, ASG was just talkin' 'bout yo' mama!