Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday 19 July 2011-Heidi and Sarah FTD is up-to-date for the first time in months! We'll surely post on 30 August and perhaps before! Stay tuned!

Above photo is from today actually - just to finally bring Face the Day up-to-date - though I see Heidi has been posting here and there - which is fantastic! Now - if Heidi manages to post a photo of herself today -- then we will really be up-to-date! Anyway - there is always the 30th of August to look forward to when we can post a photo of the last 6 years I think! Can't believe FTD has existed this long. We were very early adopters you know! In the blog world before many others. We can be proud of that. Believe it or not, this blog opened many doors. To think how far I am now immersed on the online stratosphere - it's crazy. I guess I could have known when a colleague asked me to start this blog up something like 7 or 8 years ago that it was the start of an online addiction!

Above photo is from 18 July 2011 - yesterday! Heidi and Yma stopped by to give us brownies they had baked. We had just made cookies. So we made a switch! It was fun and very neighborly and everything tasted so good! Felt very motherly too. It is so fun to cook with your kids!

I think the above photo is from Saturday the 16th of July 2011 and below one too. Heidi has just cut my hair I think. In below one, for sure. Shortest it has ever been!

Can't remember why but Heidi and I also saw each other Thursday or Friday the 14th or 15th. Passing on the street? My brain is blank! Old age I guess! :-)

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