Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sunday and MOnday 25 and 26 July 2010: Sarah and Tom are having fun without The Lool but are starting to miss the kid! About 5 more days to go...

Sarah says:
Above photo is from yesterday - the 26th of July. That's a new shirt from the sales.
The above and below photos are from Sunday the 25th of July. That's Tom asleep in a shop's dressing room waiting for me as I try things on. I got a couple of nice dresses!

Above skirt and belt are new. I like the sales! I always find a few nice things. Wearing new clothes makes you feel good!
As I mentioned in title today - The Lool is away at camp - 10 whole days!!! I am starting to miss her! At first it feels great to have a quiet house and time to yourself and then it feels empty.With that said, Tom and I are having a nice time together re-doing the living room. It's fantastic to have so many totally stress-free days in a row. It's nice not to be working. Vacation is good for a person and a couple and a family! That's for sure!

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