Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday 25 January 2010: Sarah wants her back back and is sick of sick-leave but will use this week to photo her food in between working at home!

Sarah says:
I really, really planned to and looked forward to going back to work today after being home for two weeks - well one at the hospital and one at home. BUT - I woke up and felt worried because my left toes tingled, my knee hurt, my neck was really stiff and in the middle of the night I felt lower-back pain. I decided I had better wait another day because I really should not take any chances because I could end up right back in the hospital. I'll stay home all week as the doctor originally said I should. It makes more sense for my work as it's hard to arrange working half days and I am sure I can't work whole days because if I do I will sit too much and sitting is bad, bad, bad for long periods of time - though I am trying to sit a bit more each day because I have to use the computer for work so I have to get stronger and be able to sit for longer!!! I am so terribly frustrated today and feel angry even. I just want to go to work and get back to my normal life. Unlike many people, I happen to LOVE SCHEDULES AND PLANNING!!!! Without all that I feel lost. I really can't wait till I feel better and get back to life!!!
While home this week and in an effort to get back into good eating and less eating again - not that I have fallen off the wagon so much - but I have a little - I will try the old trick of taking photos of everything I eat and drink each day. "They" say this can help you control what you eat - so here goes!
In the above photo you can see:
Breakfast at 8:15 am: All Bran Plus mixed with half a bowl of frozen blueberries, lots of flax seeds, a small bunch of peeled, sliced almonds and light soy milk plus instant coffee with a bit of soy milk.
Snack at 11:30am: an orange
Lunch at 1:30pm: a fillet of white fish baked in a bit of olive oil with sea-salt and spices, one small potato with skin cooked in microwave with spices and a lot of broccoli florets steamed in microwave with spices
Snack at 2:30pm: a cup of instant coffee with some light soy milk
Dinner at 6:45pm: Three brown, grain slices of bread with lots of fresh baby spinach and one whole slice (in total) of light Swiss cheese melted in microwave with spices added and one pot of 0% fat/added sugars cherry yogurt mixed with lots of fresh pineapple chunks
Drinks all day: Full Brinta = 2 liters of water which I drank all day long
Exercise: not much due to my back - briskly walked to daughter's school and back - about 15 minutes each way so 30 minutes total
That's all!

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