Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday and Sunday 28 and 29 November 2009: Sarah is finally done with Westtalent and had a great time doing it!

Above is Ayla and me today - Sunday the 29th of November. It was a nice and lazy day with some good friends - eating a Thanksgiving-like meal and watching a bad movie...
Above is a photo from about 2:30 am this morning right after the last Westtalent 2009 final was finished! Almost every Friday and Saturday night since October I have been going out and seeing 8 West-Flemish bands each time as part of the jury. It's been great fun and I have seen loads of talent! It was nice getting to know the other jury people and the whole Westtalent team and all the bands! But I am sort of glad it' now done because I can make other plans now on Fridays and Saturdays! I would do it again though for sure!

Above you can see me and my fellow Westtalent jury members backstage at the finals at De Kreun last night! The band Lovely Gazbaby won. You can see a photo of me with them below. They were good throughout and consistant. I wish them lots of luck! They deserve it!

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