Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday 30 October 2009: Sarah's kid goes goth for Halloween...

My kid has gone GOTH for Halloween this year! All she really did was put some black hair spray in her hair and some dark makeup on but it sort of suits her in a scary way! She's growing up!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! Now that is really scary!
Devil or cat of some sort? Punk or Goth?

The eyes, the eyes, the eyes.... She's so perty!

Watch out! She's going to get you! Boo! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!

Below you can see some more window work shots. You can see before and afters of two windows in the living room. They aren't finished so it's just to give an idea and show the changes. I will miss those squares of colored glass but it would have been way too expensive to get them made that way again and we had to replace all the single glass. A section strip will be added as well. And of course we'll have a lot of finishing work to do too to make the frames around the windows complete. I have to say that the house was already a lot warmer today than ever before? The windows and their double-glass are working well I am very happy to report as that is the whole point!

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Anonymous said...

The lool is scary cool.
Glad the windowsch are keeping you warm.
Miss you already.