Monday, May 18, 2009

Saturday, Sunday and Monday 16,17 and 18 May 2009: "Heidi the hairdresser" cut Sarah and Ayla's hair!

That's me and Heidi above on Monday the 18th of May pretending we work at a Call Center just in case we don't find any other jobs! We are both looking for new work and both considering taking different classes in the meantime. Who knows what the future holds but if all else fails - we could always work at a Call Center, right?

By the way - as it is the 18th of May I just want to say that Peter De Wilde would have turned 37 today. He's on my mind. He died way too young. I miss him and think about him almost every day still. I still haven't been able to erase his last text message to me in my phone. I guess I will when I am ready or by accident. His photo still rests on out living room bar. I don't know when it feels right to put such photos away and all. Not yet I guess. Not yet...

What you see above is the great veggie lasagna that Tom made us Sunday as a belated Mother's Day treat! He's making a nice effort to learn how to cook so he can cook sometimes. It's such a treat to have him cook for us because I get to not cook for once and I get to try new things that I wouldn't necessarily make myself! I ate the rest Monday! Loved it!

That's Heidi and me above on Sunday the 17th after she cut my hair. I know - my hair looks just about the same as always - but that's how I like it. I'm trying to grow it longer and I'm hoping Heidi can trim it from time to time with just a little thinning and by this time next year I have long hair again! Mark my words!

There above is Heidi cutting Ayla's hair on Sunday the 17th. Ayla was very happy with the results and impressed by Heidi's cutting abilities. So was I!

The above photo is from Sunday the 17th when Heidi came over to cut my and Ayla's hair. I have no idea why the photo is sideways but no matter! You can see Heidi is good busy!

Above you can see me first thing Sunday morning at about 1 am just driving home from some friends' house. It was a good day! Saturday was the open door day and then we had a nice dinner at the house of some friends and then we watched a movie and hung out at the house of other friends, where Ayla slept over. It was a day full of people, which was nice! Good to be part of the living! Makes you feel alive.
Heidi says (saturday): IT IS MY MOTHERS BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! HOORAY HOORAY!!!!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah: There above on Saturday the 16th of May you can see me with a little ghost getting up to no good behind me! Isn't that a lovely photo hanging there of Ayla? This was really an AYLA Weekend! We went to her school's open door day on Saturday and watched her dance the day away! It was wonderful to see her so sure of herself up on stage. She's really growing up! Both Tom and I had tears in our eyes watching her perform. I'll post videos later of her 4th grade class performance and her playback show with her friends.

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