Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Friday 03 April to Monday 06 April 2009: Sarah catches up and ponders the future...

Sarah says:
Monday 06 April 2009: Hmmm.... What's next. Any ideas? Road less travelled? Zen? Yin? Yang? Throw the dice? The Harness? Cultivate the garden? Play the game? Hibernate?
Sunday 05 April 2009: Eyebrows just done! But still can't see the light and still can't raise my skeptical eyebrow!
Saturday 04 April 2009: This girl of mine is almost 10! No matter how I feel I have to keep showing her my best self! She's THE sunshine!
Friday 03 April 2009 above and below: Above I just had a whiff of a very, very bad smell! Below, my husband just said something that left me rather baffled...
My Post Secret pick of the week, which will be obvious to those who know what's going on. Man I don't look forward to rejection letters!!!! I'll have to keep reminding myself that I am worthy, very worthy!

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Anonymous said...

Agreed -- Ayla, your daughter, is THE SUNSHINE of many of our lives!!!!

Do not let that bad smell or any other bad such thing define you. You are more than your body, more than scents or bad smells.

Pauses are difficult, but even among them, whether noticed or not, is forward movement.

Greetings from a rather important relative who lives in an old historic prison.