Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday 10 June 2008: Heidi and Sarah are happy to welcome their head honcho CM from London to Face The Day!

Sarah says:
Please meet the big cheese in my and Heidi's work life. He was in from London and we went to Gent for dinner. We all look pretty greasy in the above photo, don't you think? Generally we take three photos to be sure to get at least one good one but this time we were sure we had gotten the good one on our first try... Oh well, we can't be beautiful all of the time!

Heidi says:
Sarah is speaking for herself! I am perfectly ok with this picture. I think we all look happy and beautiful! And yes, it was a good day and I am grateful and all that! I am! :D -> see!!!

Sarah continues: More important than any head cheese or big honcho is the fact that I ate Oysters for the first time in my life at the restaurant in Gent. We went to Brasserie Pakhuis on a friend's suggestion (thanks Val!). I had it in my head that I wanted to try oysters for the first time because I like to be able to eat whatever is put before me and oysters were always a bit of a threat. So I took the big step and did it under the instruction of my other boss CV. A little pepper. A little lemon. A little Tabasco sauce. A little shove and rip with the fork to detach the tendon. And pow, one slurp, a few chews and a swallow and the oyster is set free to swim around your stomache and bowels. I can't say I really enjoyed it but it no longer scares me. If I had to, I'd eat oysters again. Other than that, I had asparagus soup and GREAT smelling pee this morning, thanks to it. And I had a great salmon dish. The rhubarb dessert was pretty bad to be honest as I am not a fan. It was a good day and good evening. All good things and great company!

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