Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday 18 May 2008: Peter would have been 36 today... Man I miss you Peter and am "enjoying" thinking about you today!

Sarah says:
Peter would have been 36 today. I'm thinking about him a lot today. It's only been about 6 months since he died from cancer. Sometimes it feels like yesterday and sometimes is feels like decades ago. Today I feel Peter close to my heart. I still think about him every single day. I hate to think that I will ever stop thinking about him. That as life moves on and time passes, my memory of him will fade. Seeing his kids and hearing certain songs and remembering him on certain dates - I hope will keep him in my head and heart. Life does go on. That's good to know. His kids and wife are doing really, really well now it seems, though not without tough moments still of course and the future will bring more from time to time. But it is good that life goes on and that we can still think about Peter. He shouldn't be forgotten. He was a good man. I just looked back at a bunch of photos of him that I posted after he died via this link. They made me smile.

Heidi says:
De flaptest geschiedde vandaag in de vorm van een ontbijt ten huize Beernaert-Derweduwen. Het was een grandioze flaptest, met een flap die geen 10/10 haalde omdat 10/10 niet kan toegekend worden... De flaptestpanelleden gaven gezamenlijk 9,5/10. De flappen werden aangeschaft bij bakkerij G te K. Ongelooflijk! Zo'n flappen! Echte verse appelmoes (er was zelfs een extra te bespeuren in Mr Haemers zijn flap: een stukje pel van een appel!), een mooie extra: suiker op de bovenkant, grote appelflappen, mooi opgekomen. Bijna perfect! De bakkerij werd reeds op de hoogte gesteld van de goede uitkomst op de flaptest!

Sarah continues:
I chose the below Post Secret this week because I was thinking a lot about goodbyes today. And indeed you learn with every single one - though some make more sense than others.

And the below Post Secret this week also resonated with me. It's just so true that we should be kinder to everyone we come in contact with. We are all fighting battles big and small. Surely we can relate to each other on many levels. Surely kindness is better than judgment and callousness. We all should be more open and understanding. Of course we have to draw some lines. But basically we are all the same - same worries, same joys, same wheels turning round and round. Why not be kind to a stranger tomorrow and give someone a compliment and make his or her day! It's Monday tomorrow so each and every one of us will appreciate some small act of kindness! God I am becoming so moralistic! HaHa - Little House On The Prairie is to blame for sure!

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