Sunday, April 13, 2008

Saturday 13 April 2008: Wat een sisser!!! No more La Fille D'o Parties...

Heidi Says: What a bummer, man!!!! My friends and me were totally in the mood for a good rock'n'roll-party tonight, but had to go home at 1:30 am, because the music was worse than we ever heard at a party. It was a shame of a party, the non-party of the non-parties, worse than a boring Belgian wedding. The music that the DJ played after the Triggerfingerconcert was so bad that the FAKE-feeling was very there for a lot of people... A big bummer! I feel robbed. Of a good evening.
Let me just explain the fake-feeling that I am talking about. We were really expecting a rock'n'roll-party. I don't think you can expect other than that, if you look at the style Murielle Scherre tends to bring in her work: Fifties fifties fifties. If I'd only be that she follows the waves of the fiftiesrevival for commercial reasons, and that's that, it would be different. But she walks around in her rockabilly-hairdo and make-up (and probably clothes), lets her Devilles Harem girls put on a burlesque-like show on fifties and sixties music, uses that style in everything she does. How can we not expect a good old rock'n'rollparty? Well, we were quite surprised to hear the Venga boys and crap like that, after a perfectly good gig of Triggerfinger. A real real shame!!!

This was the best part of the evening: eating the best pizzas of Gent at Gulhan Turkish pizzas!!!!

and then, being bored:

(these two look like they are having a relationship, shame shame shame... ;) )

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Kat said...

Oeps ik ben een beetje laat! Maar ik geef je volkomen gelijk Heidi! Het is niet dat ik een moeilijke smaak heb van muziek, dat weet je. Als ik maar kan dansen en wat plezier kan maken. Maaaaaar "the Vengaboys", dat was toch een beetje teveel van het goede. Ik kon mezelf echt niet ertoe aanzetten om erop te bewegen. Enfin, ben wel blij dat ik die band ervoor heb gezien, dat was echt goed!