Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday 27 March: Sarah is about to fall over and pass out from aches and shakes as Heidi stands by...

Sarah says:
As if it isn't enough that I am coming down with the flu - maybe even big time because my body seriously aches all over - and that I slept only one hour last night - now I have my freaking period and a heavy, painful one at that!!! It's a bad, bad day health and body wise. I am off to bed. I will drug myself silly if I have to! If I don't sleep tonight, I'll get really ill I'm sure. On the advice of a wise man, I will eat a banana tonight one hour before I plan to sleep. I hope this little trick works! One more day until weekend! Then I will let myself totally go!

Still - it was a good, good, satisfying day!

Heidi says: I went jogging again today, after work. It didn't go so well :). I get lower back aches when I jog. Also very sour muscles. But I won't give up!!! Not yet!! I had a very nice busy day today! It's cool!

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