Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday 10 February 2008: What's up with Sarah's hair? Heidi is happy. Let's cut to the chase with Valentine's Day already - the bloody fake holiday!

Heidi says: The words behind us are: GROOT GELUK. They mean: BIG HAPPINESS.

Sarah says:
Brain-dead today and it shows in my hair. What's up with my 1980s feathered-back look? I cleaned closets today, did laundry, sang along loudly with goood old Ani D and watched a bad tear-jerker of a movie on TV while I was all alone today - and it felt great! I never get to just do nothing. Nothing is good for the soul sometimes. Nothing is never just nothing anyway - it's always surrounded by loads of chores and driers beeping and phones ringing. But those few minutes all to one's self - now that's something all right! Lovely!

Now it's Post Secret time- and the theme with all of the entries is Valentine's Day of course - as it's this week. I am not a fan or a follower of the big heart day. Especially since I moved to Europe and it became so clear how commercially motivated the whole day is. I'm just glad I'm 12 years into a marriage right now and can basically skip such a day without any pain in my heart. Our 12th wedding anniversary is coming up on the 15th of March - we'll celebrate our love then - if we're not divorced yet!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! Marriage is a funny thing. As Love-ly as it is challenging. Good thing I have Marv to escape to when my husband is gone! I wonder if Marv will buy me flowers on the 14th?! Just kidding!

Anyway - I chose two fave Post Secret's this week - from different vantage points. The one below with the vultures ready to jump into each other's hearts is interesting! Timing is everything with love, isn't it. It's right or it isn't. Sometimes you have to follow your heart and sometimes you have to sit back and wait. Not always easy I guess - but what do I know at this point - 12 years married. I just hope I never cheat and never get cheated on - but then again - who am I to say. Love is a funny thing. It has a mind and a life of its own. Shit happens. Love leads and finds a way and all that. Sometimes there's no contolling it I guess. I can only hope Marv's and my love lasts. I really do hope that with all my heart - 100% of it. Time will tell... In the meantime, may love prevail for all of us - or something like that...

Now the below Post Secret entry is really getting to the point about Valentine's Day! Let's just face it and admit it - for most men, such a gift is all they ever want! Easy! Who needs Hallmark when you have such a direct, cheap approach! But what do women want? Just give a woman a gift certificate to shop and a day out with her girlfriends and she'll be happy! And don't worry men, you can have your you-know-what's. Shouldn't we just simplify Valentine's Day to this formula? I'm in if you all are!

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