Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday 09 January 2007: Sarah welcomes special guest young CM, the daughter of her old friend CK!

Heidi says: This is Yma! This is totally Yma! Bold, naughty, upfront... That's my little animal!

Sarah says:
I can't believe how tall CM has gotten. She's a few years older than my kid and a lot, lot taller and so fast. It goes so very fast. She moved from Belgium to America with her mom, my old expat friend CK, a couple of years ago and whenever she returns to see her dad, she stops by for a visit with my daughter. They have always chosen to speak English together though they jump back and forth into Dutch. It's always so nice to see them together, though their age difference shows more and more. I can't believe that in a few years, my kid might be so tall all of a sudden. Just look at the photo below!
Anyway, it was a good day and nice to come home to seeing CM and my kid happily playing dress up together as if they were the same age as three years ago! It made me miss CK though! She feels so far away! Her daughter has her laugh exactly, which was lovely to hear!

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Unknown said...

I know! Mona is up to my shoulder now and I can't get my mind around it!

She didn't do that drawing on my blog; I stole it from Google images (so sue me! I'm too poor to give you much).

Ayla is delicious! Maybe M and I ought to finally plan a big trip across the Pond. Love you, Lisa