Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday 29 January 2008: Please give us light!!!

Heidi says: It is too grey outside! Dark and grey... We need light!

I just had lunch and I wanna write a review about that lunch and other lunches I had at the same place. The place is Repos Repas near our office in Kortrijk. I have had several lunches there and sometimes I don't know why I keep on returning there. I think it mostly has to do with the fact that it is close. It is not that the people aren't friendly. And the atmosphere is quite nice and stylish. But they are trying to be something they are not. The kichen is not at all as refined as they want to let you believe. The first time I ate at Repos et Repas, I had a pasta that was so salty I was thirsty all afternoon (and I am very into salty food normally!). Also the texture of the plate wasn't really interesting: pasta with dried tomatoes on top, and the sauce in a cup. That is not the kind of pasta I like. I like pasta, drenched in sauce, served as a pasta, and not some would-be refined meal. Anyway, maybe that's taste. But the salty taste kept on coming back as I tried out other meals in that restaurant. The salt just always pushes away any other flavour that could possible be used in the recipe.
Another problem is that the meals cost too much money for what you get. Again it comes to trying to be what you're not. If the food would be great, then I would be willing to spend a few euros more than the average price for a lunch. But this restaurant only exists a couple of months, I don't think they have proven so much, and yet they prices are quite high. And that for small portions of food that leave you a little bit hungry afterwards. I don't know. I am not convinced. But I keep on going there to give them another chance. Because they are neighbours, I guess. I hope that they change their food and ways a bit, so that I can write a better review one day (if face the day keeps on going :) ). If, for now, any of you have other things to say about Repos Repas, please do. I am curious to see what you think!

I want to add that I am not so demanding when it comes to restaurants, and food in general, and I want to apologize to people who read this who are too poor to buy good food. I have no reason to complain, when you look at the general picture. I am lucky to be born here, and I have a luxury life. I am aware of that, most of the time, but maybe not enough...

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