Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday 13 January 2007: Just a normal, sleepy Sunday for Sarah... Nothing to report...

Sarah says:
I stayed in bed this morning until 11 am!!! Unbelievable. That is very rare indeed. And sadly, I feel even more tired because of it! But in a good, lazy way. It's a perfect Sunday really. No obligations. A little bit of cleaning up and cooking here and there. A ton to do tomorrow but it can wait... I have hardly even gotten dressed today. Just put on some comfy stuff and I don't intend on leaving the house at all. I'll make a super dinner at some point. I'll clean out some cabinets and do some laundry. I'll make a call or two. I'll watch a little TV tonight and I'll go back to sleep. These sorts of days are so needed. I totally enjoy them though sadly there is something a little bit depressing about them. That's probably just the inner-head pressure to have to get stuff done and be busy rather than just do nothing and relax. Stupid brain! Why doesn't it just let me be a lazy fool sometimes!
In that photo above you can see my wandering eye because I am not wearing my glasses. Again it makes me wonder how I'd look with lenses. Would my wandering eye fix itself with lenses or stay off-center? Does anyone know? I need to know before I invest in lenses. This is an on-going thing for me. It stops me from just going out and getting some lenses...

It's Post Secret time and it was hard do find a favorite this week so I am stuck with the one below about nose-hair. I'm sorry. I am quite shallow really. I do notice these things on people. I wish I didn't. But nose-hair is really one of those things that people should keep tidy if you ask me. I just don't like to see it hanging about... Sorry to those of you who don't trim it and let it go all wild and flappy. If I were you, I'd get one of those special razors and snip it right away!

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