Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday 4 January 2008: Heidi is freaked out

Heidi says: Sarah gave me two series of twin peaks to watch while I am home sick (Aimee gave Sarah those, and can't wait for Sarah to watch them. I understand why. I think Aimee is also freaked out and needs to share that with Sarah). I started watching and haven't been able to stop watching since. I watched two or three or even four episodes per day and I must say it is not healthy for the brain to watch that many in a row. I am scared. David Lynch is a genius. He crawls into your head with his mystery, and he stays there for a while. I think I need to have a Twin Peaks-stop for a while. At least for a day. It is so dark. It takes all the cosiness away and makes you doubt about your own daily life. No TP today, Aimee! Can't handle it!

Something else now. Since I am busy scanning anyway, here's some pictures that will show you my past (and my lifetime partner Nice). Just for fun.
Heidi: above 1994 I think - real haircolour - with Nice!
Heidi: above 1998 - dyed hair - with Nice!
Heidi: above 2001 - dyed hair - yep, with Nice!
Heidi: above 2002 I think - dyed hair

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Anonymous said...

Hi Heidi! Hope you are feeling better. I know exactly what you mean about twin peaks! It's addictive. And odd. Very odd. But actually - and this is the scary part - twin peaks makes much more sense than Lynch's later stuff. He's warped. xoxo