Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday 29 November 2007: Heidi and Sarah have a whacky day and Sarah gets ready for her dad's visit!

Sarah says:
This was a useful day full of good stuff other than the odd ache and pain here and there for both me and Heidi. I have a day off tomorrow! My father is coming from New York. I have to get up at 5am and drive through dark and rainy traffic to pick him up! But that's okay! I can listen to music while I drive and curse at people a lot while I spill coffee all over myself! I look forward to seeing my dad. I think losing Peter reminded me how important it is to see those important in your life as often as you can or at least as often as feels good. I don't really see any of my family enough or have as much contact as I'd like. With that said, I did move far away for a good reason!!!! HAHAHAHA - just joking!

So I look forward to tomorrow. I have lots to do and I'm seeing Zita Swoon in concert tomorrow night while my dad stays home with the child!

Have a great day without me Heidi! Now you don't have to close the hallway door when you you-know-what! Nor do I at home! :-) Just so you know folks, it's such a joy to be working together like this! The days pass well! We are good busy! And we can close the aforementioned door when we need to!

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