Sunday, November 01, 2009

Friday and Saturday 30 and 31 October 2009 and Sunday 01 November 2009; It's Flashback 1st of the Month at Face The Day! It's been a while!

Above photo is out of order because today's photo is down below with the Flashback 1st of the Month ones. Anyway - above photo is from yesterday - 31 November 2009 - I like it. It's a good one. My eyebrow looks to be the perfect shape! :-) Not that it matters!

By the way - here's a link to an article I recently wrote about the Design for Persuasion Conference I recently attended in Brussels via work. It's been a while since I wrote articles so I am happy I had the chance again...
Out of order - but above photo is from yesterday the 31st of October 2009 of me and the kid on Halloween. She wanted to put makeup on me too so I let her do the lipstick and I did the eyes. We do have quite the same eyes somehow though different colors of course - yet she has this wonderful almond-Bjorky eye look whereas my brown eyes look so small compared to hers... Genetics are strange...
Out of order but above photo is actually from Friday the 30th of November 2009 very late - just back from Westtalent and with strange rash as you can see...

It's Flashback 1st of the month here at Face The Day - so Heidi - if you can - take a photo today and post it! It's so fun to look back! Above is a photo of me from today - 01 November 2009.

Above photo of me and below one of Heidi are from one year ago today on 01 November 2008! Click here to go back to that day to see what we were up to...

Sarah: There above you can see me 2 years ago today on 01 November 2007 with glasses and a red face late at night... Via this link you can see what was happening at this time last year in my and in Heidi's lives.

Sarah: There I am above three whole years ago today with my great mate MS! She was visiting! I wish she were here right now. It was 01 November 2006 above. Here's a link to go back to that day at Face The Day!

There's Heidi above 2 years ago today in 2007 with very short hair!

And there's Heidi three years ago and one day on 02 November 2006 as we had no 01 November 2006 picture of her. She looks different! (Heidi: logic, I just became mother of Yma a month earlier...)

And there above you can see Heidi and me on a very Fall day four years ago today on 01 November 2005! We have changed a lot and haven't changed at all in these 4 years! Looking back is fun. Via this link, you can go back with us to 4 years ago today!

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