Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Thursday 1 November 2007: It's First of the Month Flashback at Face The Day with Heidi and Sarah!!!!

It's 1st of the month flashback over here! It just turned November 1st and you can see that in today's photo above. You can see that I am up too late for no reason other than I am not tired. I was tired but I missed that window to sleep. Like when you have to go to the "big" toilet and you don't get the chance and then it's too late - as happened in a Seinfeld episode so very long ago... Anyway - the 1st of the month is always fun for making comparisons! HEIDI - please post a photo of yourself today in similar pose to yours below from the 2nd of November last year - there was no photo of you from the first last year!
Heidi says nothing...

Sarah says:
There's my great, lovely friend MS from New York on a visit here in Belgium last year on 1 November 2006! That was a year ago! I can't believe it! Look how good we both look! I was so happy, as always, to see MS! Come again please!!!! Leave a comment! Want to know what we were up to that day? Follow this link...

There's Heidi a year ago today plus one day as there was no photo of her on the 1st. So we have to settle for this one of her on the 2nd of November 2006

And above you can see Heidi and me two years ago today on the 1st of November 2005! Check this link to see where we were at that day... We both have changed!

Today is a holiday in Belgium - All Saint's Day. It's the day to stop and think about the dead. When you think about people who have passed away it tends to bring you into reflection about life and living and how you live and the things and people important to you. Today, I have a lot of people on my mind and a lot to think about.

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