Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Wednesday 31 October 2007: HAPPY HALLOWEEN FROM HEIDI AND SARAH!!!! Watch your back! They have scissors for hands! Heidi is Evil and Sarah is good!


Sarah says:
I am no match for Heidi's evil ways as hard as I try! Heidi and Sarah Scissor-hands Torture show!

Sarah says:
I am Jesus-like and Heidi is still evil!

I'm flower-like and Heidi is still evil...

Later that night...

We went to a fun park tonight with our kid and her cousin. It was Halloween night. Very dark. The kids had fun. So did we. My daughter dressed up as...your guess is as good as mine... We saw a 4D Halloween film. Water splattered on us! Mice ran across our feet. Our chairs rocked and jerked. It's the first time I ever saw one of those films. Very cool!

Marv was on fire tonight boy...

That's the guy I'm having an affair with. He actually makes me feel really fat. It's time to break up. He also scares me...

Well speak of the devil - isn't that the same skeleton there!!!! This is too small a poster to see clearly so y'all make sure to click right on it above and it should show up on your screen in larger form! Read the fine print, check out the logos! Cooooooooool... Anyone around Kortrijk that night - the 8th of December - should make sure to go to this Vlas Vegas event and to buy one of their 666 samplers!

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