Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 02, 03 and 04 November 2009: Sarah has some days off from work and fun with food, friends and family!

Above and below photos are from today - 04 November at Carmen's house with Tilly. So nice to have a whole day to spend with good friends - good female friends! Feel very lucky to have these gals in my life! The kids were playing dress-up and so we did too! It was fun. We also ate a lot of good stuff. I ate some bad-for-my-diet stuff - have been eating badly for last two days! But - Monday I got weighed and had still lost another 400 grams so that's okay! No rush at all! I am just happy I am able to lose some weight lately!

Above photo is from Tuesday the 3rd I think with my daughter relaxing at home at night watching some bad TV movie... Our house is still all a mess from the windows but we have one couch we can all sit on and watch TV on so that's enough for us!
Above photo must also be from Tuesday the 3rd of November - showing some weight loss. I see it so that makes me happy. Long way to go still but at least it's starting to show a bit!
Above photo from Monday the 2nd I think - cooking and in the kitchen as usual! Made more fish meals and another slow-cooker one! Being on a diet has made me enjoy cooking even more for some reason!


Anonymous said...

Payhalf bag on your mirror. Spotted. T'town to K'town.

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

oh how I would love to go to payhalf right now - though my last memory is of a needle in my foot and a hernia that followed... still love the place!!!!! And amwearing my Payhalf winter jacket everyday now from the year before :-)!