Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday 01 December 2009: It's Flashback First of the Month at Heidi and Sarah Face The Day! Go back in time 4 years with us!

Sarah says:
It's Flashback First of the Month here at Face The Day and Heidi and I actually met up for soup for lunch today and were able to get the above photo together! You can see how we have changed in the last 4 years. I always love this part. Heidi and I find it fun to look back and compare all of the years...
Sarah says:
So - above you can see Heidi and I one year ago today on 01 December 2008! We have our Christmas reds and greens on a little early! Via this link you can go back in time with us to that day!
There above you can see me exactly two years ago today on 01 December 2007. Via this link you can see where my head was at two years ago.
The photo of me above is exactly three years ago today on 01 December 2006. It was 14 days before my big back operation and I was hungry! Starving myself before the operation. In total pain. I can't even remember all that pain anymore. Three years on and I feel amazing! Finally I am doing some sport and fitness, which is great. But I am still so afraid of the pain coming back - especially the newest hernia. I have come a long way in a year because last year at this time I was totally afraid to even move still and now I am on a bike every day and on the cross-trainer and am losing weight! I am doing it!!! That makes me happy! Via this link you can re-visit today three years ago at Face The Day!
Via the same link above you can see what was on Heidi's mind three years ago today. The photo above shows Heidi that day in 2006.
And last but not least - in the photo above you can see Heidi and me four years ago today exactly on 01 December 2005! Via this link, you can learn more about what was going on in our heads that day. We were being wise-guys that day for sure. We haven't been wise-guys on here in a while. We just don't have enough time these days for anything but a quick photo maybe once or twice a month together! One of these days we'll surprise you with something good and fun maybe!

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