Monday, December 01, 2008

Monday 01 December 2008: It's Flashback 1st of the month at Face The Day + Sarah's pics from the last couple of days as she's fallen behind on life!

Sarah says:
I haven't been able to keep up with life lately and that includes Face The Day! Just too much going on in my head these days that I can't really write about on here so it's made me not feel like writing and I have really not felt like being on a computer at all after a hard day's work! Tonight I have made an exception because it's the 1st of the month and I don't want to let Face The Day go! If it does start to go then we'll have the 1st of the months still to look forward to and then maybe 2 times a year (like my and Heidi's birthdays) and then maybe once a year... Who knows - that is for the future! For now, I want to keep this up. If you know me then you know if I am not keeping this up it's because something is getting in my way of being on here. Let's just say my brain is experiencing technical difficulties these days! Please stand by and don't give up on Face The Day! Heidi's been keeping it up so that's great.

So - above you can see Heidi and I today, 01 December 2008! We have our Christmas reds and greens on a little early!
There above you can see me exactly a year ago today on 01 December 2007. Via this link you can see where my head was at last year.
The photo of me above is eactly 2 years ago today on 01 December 2006. It was 14 days before my big back operation and I was hungry! Straving myself before the operation. In total pain. I can't even remember all that pain anymore. Two years on and I feel amazing! I still don't do sport or fitness or anything like that, which is a shame. But I am so afraid of the pain. When I did pilates, I had pain again and it scared me. I'd rather ne fat and pain-free then thinner and in pain. I know I could probably be thinner and pain free but I freeze up at the idea of sport because no matter what, there's always some pain and I just can't go there. One day I will and one day I have to and hopefully it won't be too long from now! Via this link you can re-visit today two years ago at Face The Day!

Via the same link above you can see what was on Heidi's mind two years ago today. The photo above shows Heidi that day in 2006.
And last but not least - in the photo above you can see Heidi and me 3 years ago today exactly on 01 December 2005! Via this link, you can learn more about what was going on in our heads that day. We were being wise-guys that day for sure. We haven't been wise-uys on here in a while. We just don't have enough time these dasy for anything but a quick photo! One of these days we'll surprise you with something good and fun!

There's my photo from Sunday 30 November 2008 above with weird hair. My day was coming to an end. We had had guest over for lunch. It was a calm and lovely afternoon. Tom's old friend Filip W. came over with his three kids and wife. It's been a while since we saw them so it was nice to catch up over good food and to meet their 5 month old baby. The night I sort of became a couple with Tom was the same night I met Filip. He, Tom's friend Dirk and Tom were sitting together with me and Tom apparently told the two of them in Dutch to get out of the room and leave him and me alone. I think that is so funny!!
Above is my photo from Saturday 29 November 2008 and so is the below photo of my husband's fabulous mom, Trees. Tom's parents and brother and nephew came over for a birthday meal for Tom's mom. I got to use it as an excuse to make a Thanksgiving-like meal with turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce... It was all really delish if I do say so myself.

And below is my favorite Post Secret of the week in honor of organ and body donors. What better way for doctors to learn than from real organs and corpses. I want to leave my whole body to science for sure! Here in Belgium your organs automatically get donated unless you sign a card saying you don't want them to be. I think in The States it is the other way around - that you have to sign a card saying you want to donate your organs. I need to go to the city hall here to sign an extra paper sang they can have my whole body. Right now they just get my organs. They can have all of me! All the better for someone to learn from! Doctors can freak me out and I don't always feel safe in their care. With that said, I will forever be thankful to the doctor who basically saved my daughter twice and to the doctor who gave me a new and working back. These two doctors changed my life almost more than anyone else.

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Wow that food looks so good. I want it. mmmmmmm
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