Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday 25 November 2009: HAPPY 31ST BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!! Go back in time all the way to 2005 and see what Heidi has looked like on her birthday...

Heidi says: It was a good birthday. One year older. Where will that end? :-)

Above you will eventually be able to see Heidi today on her 31st birthday if she gets around to uploading a photo!!!! In the meantime, I have put a message for Heidi above :-)! Happy Birthday Heidi! Have a great day and year!!!

Above is a photo from last year on this when Heidi turned 30 years old! Via this link you can go back to that day and see what Heidi was up to...
There's Heidi above and below two years ago today when she turned 29 in 2007!

Via this link you can go back to that day and check Heidi out!

That's Heidi above three years ago on 25 November 2006 blowing out her candles! She had given birth to Yma a couple of months before. If you want to check out exactly what she was up to on that day three years ago, you can via this link.
That's Heidi four years ago celebrating her birthday on 26 November 2005. If you want to know the details, check out what she was up to that day via this link and on her birthday itself in 2005 via this link.

And below you can see me and Ayla today - the 25th of November 2009, happy to have just received season 5 of the Gilmore Girls in the mail as we love that show and have been waiting a while since season 4 ended. Now we know what we'l be doing each night after work and school for a while! Fun! We like to pretend we are Lorelei and Rory - a great mom and daughter team - and then Tom comes home from work and the bubble bursts! :-)

Above are CRANBERRIES I am making into sauce for the Thanksgiving dinner Ayla and I will actually go to on Thanksgiving itself here in Belgium with a bunch of expat friends! Can't wait!
And that's me above yesterday - Tuesday the 24th of November - 1 kilo lighter than the last weigh-in - which isn't a lot but still makes me happy because I am at the halfway mark having lost 5 kilos in just under three months - that's a bit more than 11 pounds and I want to lose 20 pounds, which means about 10 kilos - so by March that might be the case! I sure hope so! I'm trying and trying though on Thanksgiving I will stop trying for the night and just enjoy!!!

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