Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Monday 23 November 2009: Sarah tries to stay dry!

Sarah says:
That's my new hat to stay dry in the rain but it doesn't work really! It does protect my eyes and all, which is good, and the top of my head - but my lower face got so wet in the rain today! Viva Belgium! I kind of liked it though! It's a good way to wake up. Kind of refreshing in a weird way.
I think the above photo is also from Monday - yep it is - right after I did 24 minutes on the cross-trainer! Sweaty but good! Tonight (Tuesday) I get weighed! Fingers crossed! I see the difference in my face and body and in the way clothes feel but I'm not sure the scales will show that! I hope so! I need that kind of encouragement at this stage!


Anonymous said...

That's great Sarah! Congratulations! I sometimes actually gain weight when I start exercising because you start to build muscle where fat was so a 1 kilo loss is fantastic! You can see your arms and legs and stuff are tighter. You look great! x

Heidi and Sarah Face The Day said...

Thanks! - Is that ASG?

Anonymous said...