Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saturday 25 November 2006: It's Heidi's BIRTHDAY!!!! Happy 28th Birthday HEIDI!!!!!!

Sarah says:
So Heidi is now 28 years old! Woo Hoo! You go girl! I hope you had a nice birthday and have a fabulous year! I hope my carrot-tofu-garlic-ginger soup didn't disturb yours or YMA's bodily functions too much! In the photos above, you can see Heidi celebrating her happy day with some friends, a cake and some sheep. Below you can see Heidi celebrating her birthday last year at age 27 - drunk and wild as can be! A lot has changed in a year! Enjoy Heidi dear! I love ya kid! And I love your beautiful smiling daughter too! YMA smiles now! It's so very cute. And Heidi sure looked cute in her cat ears! There were great food and drinks from everyone there. I hope Heidi could enjoy herself a bit even though she had to tend to YMA a lot of course and wasn't able to totally relax I'm sure...

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Anonymous said...

hello happy birth day.I am from bangladesh and join blog this month.i am agree to know about you.