Sunday, May 03, 2009

Friday, Saturday and Sunday 01, 02 03 May 2009 - forgot Thursday the 30th but not flashback 1st of the month!!!!

Sarah says:
There's Ayla above - still 9 years old. The last day of being one-digit old! We had her uncle and cousin over for cake today - Sunday the 3rd of May. And yesterday she got to take two friends of her to a fun park near by! She's having a nice weekend for sure in these last days of being 9!

That's me above today Sunday the 3rd of May. It's been a nice, long weekend spent outside for the most part. I do have that -oh-no-it's-Sunday feeling but oh well! It's been good!
There above I am on Saturday the 2nd of May with some lionesses at the fun park. It was good to be out side most of the day being thrown around on rides. For the first time I almost had to throw up after a ride. I still was able to go on the roller coaster after that but something wasn't right in my head and belly yesterday. Must have been the red wine from the night before. Every time I drink red wine I don't feel great the next day. It's not just a hung-over feeling. It's like a brain buzz and a sharp pain in my ear and head and belly troubles. I don't really like white wine. I need to find a new drink.
Above, a great photo of my husband and child. It was nice being out in Kortrijk running into so many people we know and being at the park listening to music. Very festive. Very red! And the sun was shining! There above you can see my lovely family and me on Friday the 1st of May 2009. It's FLASHBACK 1ST OF TH MONTH HERE AT FACE HE DAY! So see photos below to have a walk down memory lane!
That's my daughter and I above exactly one year ago on the 1st of May 2008! Click here to see what was happening that day!

There above you can see me exactly 2 years ago on the 1st of May 2007 and Heidi in the below photo on the same day with Yma! By clicking here you can go back in time with us...

And there below you can see Heidi and me exactly three years ago on the 1st of May 2006 all in red! I think Heidi was pregnant there and I had back pain. A lot has happened in both our lives since then!!! Click here to go back three years in time with us!

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