Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Monday 01 May 2006: Heidi and Sarah wrap themselves in the red flag of socialism to the music of Galatasary and Think of One... Happy May Day!!!

Heidi says:
Not the best day for me. I was feeling kind of sick with a belly ache and a headache and wanted to rush home as soon as I arrived at this wet and cold Veemarkt in Kortrijk. But I didn't and it got a little better and so my afternoon and evening weren't so bad after all. Too bad we didn't see Think of one play. It was too late and I really need my 8 hours of sleep now. But I'm sure I'll see them again!

Sarah says:
Viva workers! Viva the reds! Viva socialism! Viva Galatasary and Think of One!
Screw the Belgian weather! Screw my damn back pain! Screw bad sleeps!
You win some, you lose some, right???!!!!
It was good to be out even if in the rain and the cold. Kortrijk-band Galatasary played a good set. I like their heavier stuff for sure. I really enjoyed watching the soft-spoken Pol Isaac SCREAM during one song. That was a good one. Because I have seen Galatasaray so many times, it almost becomes background music nowadays. With that said, there are great moments in their sets that grab you and keep you. I’m lovin’ those repetitive guitar and base-lines as usual. Always a joy to watch that crew on stage with Ruben Deprez' friendly-funny mulle and the frontline of two brothers-Decruyenaere and one Tom Vangheluwe. During the gig, I very much enjoyed going up to Heidi and asking her if she had any idea where Tom Vangheluwe might be (inside joke). With our little inside joke in mind, we decided that it is time that Tom Vangheluwe graced the pages of Face The Day. If you are out there Tom, we will find you and snap your tote so be ready!
Think of one were freaking GREAT and ALIVE and WILD – too bad I had to leave after like three songs because I am an old hag and needed my bed badly. Didn’t sleep one bit of course. But at least I had a good day full of good music.
By the way – it’s a record – I saw Heidi EVERYDAY this long weekend! Now it’s been a while since that has happened. I’m not even sick of her yet.

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Helen said...

I had the nicest kebab I've ever had in my life in a little square in Galatasaray. There was a shoe shine man and the sun was shining through the leaves on the trees. It was December 1994.