Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 27-28-29 April 2009: Heidi and Sarah fall behind on Face The Day - please forgive them. Life is a bit rocky for them!

Sarah says:
"That was a good day. You should see me when I'm depressed." - lyric from Sophia song Leaving. I think that lyric is kind of funny today. I am listening to the new Sophia album right now and it's pretty depressing. I have no problem with depressing music. I mostly even love it. But that lyric jumped out at me and now there are violins are playing and it sounds funny to me when it is supposed to be sad. Maybe I am cracking up by which I don't mean laughing but rather going mad! I'm just joking now. But it is strange. Today was a very hard day but I can't just let myself go and feel it. I'm holding back to protect myself or something. I am a bit numb today but I also just don't feel all that bad. I feel strange and like I am kidding myself! I have no idea. I am a bit confused to tell you the truth! Everything is making me laugh a little today but painfully sort of. Anyway - I'd rather feel like this then depressed again but who knows how I really feel right now! Picture above is from today the 28th of April by the way.

That is one funny photo of Heidi above showing her love for Madensuyu! She's like a big head on a stick up there because of the angle. That photo is from yesterday the 28th of April.

Above is a photo from Monday the 27th of April. Please note that though it looks like I am wearing the same top I am not. It's just the same color! The bottom-top is however the same. Sorry ASG! :-)


Anonymous said...

Wishing you both the best in these rocky, hard times. My loan officer at the bank said things are going down, down, down, and more foreclosures and bank failures are going to hit hard and soon. GW Bush sure has left a legacy not only here, but around the world. But you two don't need more depressing news. Go play more board games and get that homey, warm feeling, and go to more concerts of bands you love, and give your respective daughters hugs from me.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

No problem SRAM. Thanks for the clarification.
-ASG (aka the fashion cop)