Sunday, April 26, 2009

Saturday and Sunday 25 and 26 April 2009: It's a good weekend so far for Heidi and Sarah it seems with nice things to do.

Sarah says:
Above photo was taken Sunday night at De Kreun just before the Madensuyu concert. I have to say that once again Heidi has been totally right on about a band. Madensuyu are amazing! What a freaking great concert. What fantastic music and power and intensity. What a great stage set up. So once again Heidi - thank you for introducing me to the music of this fantastic band. You all should have a listen and check out the latest album called D is Done!

Sarah says:

Above is a photo from today, Sunday the 26th of April 2009. It was a nice morning of having breakfast in the neighborhood for free from the local youth club that my kid is in. We met some friends of ours there and after eating we and Heidi, Nico and Tilly played a board game that none of us had played in a while but that we all enjoy playing a lot. Playing such games is one of the things I love doing most together with good friends. It is so cozy! Great for a late Sunday morning as all our kids were running around. This afternoon I had all to myself - another rare thing - being alone at home. Fantastic! And tonight I'll go to a concert where Heidi will be as well - Madensuyu at De Kreun - with my friend Tilly. It's great to be with friends. Last night was fun too out in Kortrijk with Tilly and her husband. We were all pirates up to no good! It was silly and we all got sleepy but there were a lot of laughs and laughing really feels better than anything at all! So I feel pretty cheerful today on this rainy, chilly Sunday! I don't have to work tomorrow and for the moment, I feel okay about that even though I am not so sure how I will fill up the day other than two appointments I have... We'll see how it all goes and feels! I am such a worker that I have to learn a whole new pace. It's not easy to go at full speed. Have the plug pulled and then just trail along at a slower, sort of aimless pace. Takes some getting used to for sure!

Check out Heidi and Nico's kid Yma above at the breakfast place playing with all those balloons! Very colourful. That kid is very colourful! It was nice to be around all these lively kids and their parents.
There above you can see the little ladies! My daughter and two of my friend Tilly's daughters! They all camped out together near our house without parents around. There was acmping night at the V-tex in our neighborhood and those girls had a great time! MY KID IS ALMOST 10!!!!!!

There above is me on Saturday the 25th of April 2009 taking care of Flat Henry. He has to go back to The States soon to his class with areport on everything he saw and did in Belgium. That gives me something to do tomorrow! We took Henry everywhere with us. There was a BBQ Saturday night at the camping place so he was right there with us.

I have to agree today with the below Post Secret. I just didn't see any that caught my eye today other than this one below!

More photos tomorrow from the Madensuyu gig at De Kreun tonight!

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