Friday, September 03, 2010

Tuesday, September 01, 2010 - It's Flashback first of the month at Face The Day and Flashback 1st day of school!!!

Sarah says:
I am so not on top of Face The Day these days so I'll try to catch up now! Can't miss a flashback first of the month! I take photos almost each day but I forget to post them or don't have time and then I forget which day the photos I took are from. I do know that the above one is from the 2nd of September actually because I forgot to take one on the 1st (very rare for me!). But I did remember to get an Ayla first-day-of-school shot below! Let's check it all out!
There we are, a year ago 01 September 2009! I am just about to hop on my bike in the above photo to go to my first day of my new job! I have been at Howest for a year now and have another contract signed for the year ahead! Click here to go back to this day a year ago!

That's us two years ago above on 01 September 2008. We were good busy with our previous job and our colleague Nancy had started that day. It seems like ages ago and it still can make me sad to think about how much can change every year...

Above is my Marv and me three years ago today on 01 September 2007. Too bad Heidi wasn't in a photo that day! Via this link, you can see what was going on at Face The Day three years ago today!
There above you can see Heidi and me four years ago today on 01 September 2006. Via this link, you can read more about that day four years ago!
And above you can see us five years ago today on 01 September 2005! Click on this link to see more about that day five years ago today!!!!

FLASHBACK 1ST DAY OF SCHOOL! To see Yma on her first day of her new school scroll down to next entry! Above you can see The Lool on 01 September 2010 - her first day of the 6th grade! There's a big difference between this year and last year! I can't believe it is her last year of lower school. I will be so sad when it is over. She's becoming a young adult so fast! It's lovely and weird all at the same time! She still has the same book bag! (5 years going on 6 she's kept it so well! - We'll buy her a new one when she starts middle school!)
Above you can see The Lool one year ago today, 01 September 2009, just before she went to school to start the 5th grade!!!!
It was the first day of school for my daughter two years ago on 01 September 2008! She started the 4th grade!! Above you can see my daughter three years ago in 2007 on the first day of the third grade. It's so great to be able to track her growth this way! Above you can see her on her first day of the 2nd grade - 2006! I couldn't find the original photo so I took a photo of a printout I had made. Not great quality - but I least I have every year now!
Above is the first day of school picture I found of her for the 1st grade - so in 2005.

Above photo is of me on Monday the 30th or Tuesday the 31st of August I think... I had a huge headache! Hormonal I think!

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