Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wednesday 26 May 2010: Sarah is busy working these days and The LOOL is too! Check out her latest fashion designs!

Sarah says:
Busy at work these days and enjoying it. That's my office above by the way with my boss in the distance. We are good busy. Feels good to work hard and get stuff done. I am enjoying the mix of things I'm doing! As long as my back pain stays away, all will be well! I can't believe I will be 39 in less than a week! Ahhhh!

Check out this link to see Ayla's latest creations! She's amazing! Today we got a letter in the mail for her saying that she was recommended by teachers and her school's director to be nominated for a prize for her civic-mindedness and good deeds and work at school! We are invited to an awards ceremony and everything! She was so surprised and proud. We aren't surprised at all but we sure are proud! The Lool!!!!

So make sure to check out her designs!!

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