Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday 28 May 2010: Sarah is starting to show her age and Heidi is looking perky! :-)

Sarah says:
Not that it really bothers me or anything but I do see my age in the above photo - or at least that I am starting to show my age more - starting to age - to look my age! I will be 39 next week! Almost 40! I have always felt like my face looked younger than I actually am. Not in the above photo. Maybe not anymore. I guess that just happens one day. Maybe today is that day.

Heidi on the other hand is looking all perky! Actually - I think I look pretty and perky too - just wanted to point that out in case it seems like I am complaining about looking my age. It doesn't trouble me. It just fascinates me to see it happening. It might eventually trouble me! Who knows!

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