Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Saturday - Sunday - Monday 22-25 May 2010: Sinksen and ASG in Kortrijk = fun weekend!

Sarah says:
Below you'll see photos from Sinksen 10 in Kortrijk this past weekend. We sold about Euro 200 worth of stuff at the street fair! Heidi and Nico were DJs for Radio Modern, where there was a lot of great music and nice dancing! And Aimee came to visit all weekend! It was so great to see here! I miss her so! She got to meet Merlijn the Owl too, which was fun!

That's me and Tom above of course - yesterday on Monday the 24th of May, which is Erika's birthday! Happy Birthday E-Rocker! And that dress I am wearing - Euro 2 at the street fair!
By the way, there are more photos than just the ones you see below. You can see the rest via this link!

Heidi and Wout above showing us their moves...

Wout and Katrijn on the dance floor!

Heidi and Wout at it again!

Heidi and Nico turning the tunes...

Katrijn and Wout showing off their steps...

Heidi and Nico adding the sphere...

Heidi, ASG and I Facing The Day together on Monday the 24th of May!

Above and below from Sunday the 23rd of May at the street fair with Aimee and earlier below with Heidi Facing the Day!

Tilly and I below getting silly with old junk at the street fair!

Above and below photos are from Saturday the 22nd of May at Merlijn's home with ASG and The Lool with the owl and a buzzard!

Lunch time!

Merlijn, The Lool, ASG and me (in glasses)...
And via this link, you can see the rest of the owl, buzzard, python photos added to the full owl album!

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